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Online lessons are also available!
Instructor: Jenny Selig
updated September 2023

Practice Tip: Hydrate While You Strum!
I Love Music and the Ukulele: Though I have a background in piano, violin, and voice, I exclusively teach ukulele lessons to beginners and advanced beginners. Unlike some uke teachers who may specialize in another instrument while teaching a little uke on the side, ukulele is my main squeeze.

I Do Have a Plan, But I Don't Have an Agenda: In my own practice, I've sampled something from nearly every genre and style out there, and I will work with you on your goals for your own playing. Let's figure out what you're most interested in! 

Try Before You Buy: Want to meet me and strum along for free before committing? Come to one of our "NYC Uke Squad” jams! Since 2017, I have been organizing (and frequently leading) free jams two or three times per month in neighborhoods around the city. Note: as of September 2023, these jams are currently being held outdoors and online. We are looking for a new indoor space. 

Teaching Experience: A certified and active teacher of adults on topics related to childbirth and parenting education, I have also taught various subjects to children in after-school programs, most recently leading a semester-long ukulele club for second through fifth graders in an East Village public school. 

See more about me here!

Sample Services

  • Private, one-on-one lessons for beginner and advanced beginner ukulele players.
  • Caregiver+child lessons --  learn alongside your child! 
  • Workshops
  • Group classes
  • Singalongs, story times, and background music at events
Want something different? Let's talk.

Service area: I teach in and around North Brooklyn (Williamsburg/Greenpoint/East Village/near the L and G trains), with online options for students who are not nearby. In-person lessons generally take place in or within about 35-minute's walking or public transportation travel of my location in North Brooklyn (Williamsburg/Greenpoint). Please contact me to discuss.

In-Person Lesson Rates

$60 for a single hour-long adult lesson
$30-45 for a 30-45 min. (children’s) lesson -- if you're an adult but interested in a shorter lesson, let's discuss.
  • Note: Length of child's lesson(s) will be determined when payment is made. 30 minutes is generally my recommended maximum length for children under the age of 12, but let's discuss your child's needs/interest.
  • a parent or guardian must be present in the home during child's lesson
  • I offer a $50 "double" lesson option, if a caregiver and one child (or two siblings) each have a ukulele and would like to learn together in one 30 to 45-minute lesson. 

1-hr Adult/Teen Lesson Pre-Paid Packages
4 lessons: $225 (saves $15)
8 lessons: $430 (saves $50)
12 lessons: $640 (saves $80)

Lessons via videochat (e.g. Skype, Google Video, Zoom) are available at the following rates: 
$40 for a single hour-long adult lesson
$25 for a half-hour adult lesson (or get a 30 minute online lesson with additional subscriber-exclusive lesson videos and content for $50 per month as thanks for supporting me through my Patreon subscriber program
$20-35 for a 30-45 min. children’s lesson

Payment: Lesson fees may be paid by personal check, cash, Paypal, or Zelle. All lesson payments (online or in-person) must be made in advance and are non-refundable. 

Scheduling: Lessons will be scheduled at mutually agreeable times for instructor and student. If purchasing a series of lessons, they do not all need to be scheduled for the same day/times, but the sooner after payment we set the schedule, the more time-slot options you may have. If you need a specific schedule, please discuss with me before payment, to make sure I can accommodate you. 

Cancellation Policy: Conflicts happen! If you need to reschedule a lesson due to illness or another unavoidable conflict, please contact me as soon as possible, prior to the planned lesson. Lessons cancelled with advance notice (24 hours preferred when possible) will be rescheduled without penalty, but the timing of the makeup lesson will depend on instructor availability. 

No-shows without communication, lessons canceled multiple times with less than 2 hours notice, and missed makeup lessons may be forfeited (and forfeited lessons cannot be refunded), but in general this policy is designed to be flexible, and usually we can work something out. If the instructor must cancel a lesson due to illness or emergency, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at the earliest possible mutually-agreeable time.

Expiration of Unused Lessons: Unless special arrangement is made, a single lesson purchased should be completed within 3 months. A 4 lesson package should be completed within 4 months, an 8 lesson package within 8 months, and a 12 lesson package within 12 calendar months. If it has been longer, instructor availability cannot be guaranteed and unused lessons may be forfeited. Again, let's discuss before it happens! :) 

Gift certificates are available. Ukulele lessons make a great gift!

Please email to discuss your needs! 

NYC Uke Squad, sketched by Qu (IG: https://www.instagram.com/qu.draws/)

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