July 2024 Update: Public and Patreon Ukulele Events (Online)

Save the date(s)!

Each month, I host 4 free, public, live, monthly, beginner and mixed-level ukulele playalong jams on Zoom and YouTube-- two organized around the Eastern time zone (where I live) and two that are more UK-time-zone friendly -- in addition to creating bonus content for my Patreon Patrons.

Now that anyone can access public posts on Patreon, or even sign up as a free member to get notified when I post, and I am updating there multiple times per week, it's a much better place to go for regular updates from me. 

To save me the time I've been taking updating this page as well, I will link below to a post with all the dates for all four public, free July 2024 events (bolded), plus a few save-the-dates for supporting Patrons and local players.


Patreon and Your Support

What is a Patreon Patron? Patron support powers what I do! Many of the events listed here are free and open to the public, but those who support me on Patreon receive extra "thank you" perks like voting on new songs to be added to my mixed-level songbook, early access and exclusive song chords/arrangements, re-plays of jams, special workshop opportunities and more. Thank you so much to all my Patrons, past, present, and future!

Get a sneak peek of a $20+ level Livestream Clinic here!

Other ways to Support What I Do: please feel free to use one of these "Virtual Tip Jar" options.



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