Ukulele Advent Calendar 2023-2024


In December of 2017, I found myself playing and arranging holiday songs on my ukulele, as part of learning my new instrument. I decided to challenge myself to post one seasonal song per day (first on Facebook, then eventually on Instagram and YouTube) from December 1st through the first day of Epiphany (Jan. 6). I called this my Ukulele Advent Calendar and have really had fun curating a new list of songs every season. 

I don't challenge anyone else to do this because...well, it's a lot. So it's not a group challenge or anything official. But if you are posting holiday songs in any number during December, let me know! 

Each year I revisit some of my favorites from years past and make sure to play new songs, too. I don't stick strictly to "Christmas" numbers, either. If it mentions Hanukkah, Solstice, winter, snow, or New Year's -- and whether it's secular or spiritual or anti-Christmas -- it's all fair game. I'm always on the lookout for lesser-known and offbeat songs to include.

For 234 (!) wintry/holiday-related videos I've posted in the past 4 Decembers/early Januaries, see my Ukulele Advent Calendar playlists on YouTube (links below).

Here's where the 2023-2024 songs will be found, starting Dec. 1:

Past Years

(note that the sound quality is not great on the earliest uploads)

I know not everyone shares my fondness for seasonal tunes, so I won't be sharing every day of this project here on Patreon. If you'd like to follow along, you can watch on Instagram or subscribe to my feed on YouTube or I started posting weekly recaps on Patreon a year or two ago, so you can always catch those when they go up.

I've started prepping for next month and I'd love to hear requests and suggestions from you as I plan this year's playlist. I'll attach last year's holiday songbook below (which shows the ones for which I shared chords), in case you'd like to take a look. I'll be updating this songbook for next month's playalong jams with some of the new songs I have learned.

What holiday/wintry songs do you love but rarely hear on ukulele? What songs in this genre would you like to learn on ukulele that aren't covered in other uke teachers' lessons and songbooks? What songs have I covered for which you'd like to learn my arrangements? I welcome your requests!