New Perk on Patreon: Patron Teaching Jam

 Hi, friends! I had an idea for a new Patron perk that could be of value to those working on songs in my songbooks as well as to me, as I refine my ukulele teaching methods. I am sharing this as a public post in case folks considering becoming Patrons are interested in this idea, as well.

You may have noticed that in my monthly public jams, though I do a little instruction for each song, the focus is more on playing as much as possible and getting as many requests fulfilled as we can. I really enjoy that format, but I do wonder if there are songs on which some people might like to spend a little more time.

Starting in September, I’m going to begin adding to our calendar a “Patron Teaching Jam” timeslot. I imagine these as Patron-only livestream sessions in which Patrons at $5+ can join me on Zoom or YouTube and request songs from any of my song books or Patron-exclusive chord charts (there are a few that are not in the songbooks!) for a little more focused work.

Attendees can use the hour to ask questions about those specific songs and get more help and instruction on how to approach them. We will likely play fewer songs over the hour than we do in my public playalongs as we focus a little more on HOW to play the songs, chords, or skills you’re finding tricky, or give you more practice on the ones that interest you most, but we won’t focus on just one song for a whole hour (I’ll save that for my longer tutorials and livestream clinic).

I would love to host these “teaching jams” once per month, but as this experiment rolls out we will see how
it fits into the calendar. It might make more sense to do it every six weeks or every other month. I will also have the days and times rotate for a bit, as I figure out how to best make it work for my schedule AND as many patrons as possible, knowing no day and time will work for everyone (they will be recorded).

Perhaps if you’re not going to be able to attend in person, you can comment with questions or requests in advance and I can go through those in more detail In your absence, knowing any Patron can watch later.

If this interests you, let me know and please feel free to include in your comment the general times/days that might work best. I’ll see where I can fit the first one into our September Patron calendar!

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