The official 100 Days of Ukulele 2023 (#100DaysUke2023) squad t-shirt designs are now available for on-demand printing (no pre-order needed)!

You can also pick up previous years' shirts and merch!

Designed by Dan Funderburgh (who also designed our 2021 + 2022 shirts), the 2023 design — “String Theory” — is available in three different color combinations and can be printed on many different shirt colors and styles, as well as other items!

A New Way to Order

In 2021 and 2022 Cynthia Lin (our 100 Days' Fearless Leader) worked with Dan to design t-shirts (a different design each year) for 100 Dayers. This was not being done to make big bucks (it doesn't) but it has been a great way to boost community.

Because past years' shirts needed to be purchased and printed in bulk, there was a pre-order period to determine how many people were interested. After sales and shipping were completed, returned shirts and a small number of extra shirts were sold on Cynthia’s merch site (you can check to see if there are any remaining at that link - last I looked there were a few mediums from 2022), but most remaining sizes sold out quickly after pre-orders closed. For that reason, the 100 Days of Ukulele shirts have been a limited edition.

This year we are doing the ordering a bit differently – let’s call it the Redbubble Experiment! We’ll be going through that site, where no pre-order is necessary and there is no set deadline for orders. The Redbubble website allows us to upload multiple designs, and will allow you to put the design of your choice on any number of items, and in some cases (as with tee shirts) you will also get to choose the background (i.e. shirt) color. Not all items or styles are available in all color/design combos. Choose your combo carefully -- some shirt colors can make design elements nearly disappear if the ink doesn't show up well.

Redbubble will handle item-specific questions, payments, returns, and shipping issues, making the workload much lighter for Cynthia and our amazing 100 Days Moderator and Admin Team.

For this reason, with Cynthia's permission and blessing, anyone will now be able to order official 100 Days Merch in the Redbubble store that I, Jenny, will manage. Note that Cynthia Lin merchandise remains on her merch site.

Shipping and More

Redbubble uses third-party printers customized to your location and ships to most countries (see their site for more information). This should make shipping faster than in past years, but we cannot vouch for the speed of shipping, the quality of the shirts or the printing. Let us know how it goes for you! You can use the comments of this post -- or the Merch posts we'll create in the 100 Days FB, Instagram, and Patreon feeds -- to share your own photos and experience with shipping times or print quality in your part of the world.

Please see the 100 Days Shirt and Merch FAQ for more information, advice on color combinations (again, not every design will look good on every color shirt), and important customer support and FAQ links from Redbubble: https://tinyurl.com/100daysshirtsFAQ


Order here! Shirts, stickers, mugs, and more - Redbubble



p.s. I decided to include a few of my favorite pieces of AI-generated art I've made for Patreon in the shop, mostly as stickers and magnets. Let me know if you have a favorite design from this site you'd want me to add. :) See the AI Ukulele Collab collection here.