Intro to Songwriting Workshop - Saturday, Nov. 19th at 3pm EST


Intro to Songwriting With Ukulele

On YouTube: Join in here.

Live on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2022  
3-4 pm EST or watch the replay using the same linkRSVP on Facebook (optional):     

In Brief:  Everyone is welcome to join me for this free workshop on YouTube and to share questions in the chat. My Patreon Patrons at ALL levels are welcome to join via Zoom (link to come, on Patreon). Thank you to my Patrons, for the support that makes it possible for me to create this sort of ukulele content!  


Less Briefly: For those who might be new here, my name is Jenny. I'm an ukulele player and teacher in New York City. I studied theater, poetry and creative writing in college and started writing songs on ukulele in 2018. After challenging myself to write more originals during Cynthia Lin's 100 Days of Ukulele community projects between 2019 and 2022, as well as reading, learning, and taking classes from other songwriters, I realized I'd created almost 80 full song drafts. I want to share what I've learned, continue learning from others, and create community around songwriting and ukulele. 

Thanks to support from folks who've joined my monthly free playalongs online, and the ongoing support of my amazing Patreon Patrons, I've been able to branch out beyond my "day jobs" to share more online, and I'm excited to be offering my first songwriting workshop to any who wish to join.

In this workshop we will talk about different ways to approach songwriting -- song structure, lyrics, melodies and chords. We will talk about ways to start, ways to finish, and how you can use your ukulele (and other tools) in the process. I want to hear from you, too -- if you're writing songs, what's working? What are your challenges?

We will NOT be discussing the commercial side of marketing and selling songs, as I have zero experience in those areas. My approach will be from the angle of songwriting as a creative practice. Whether and how you choose to share will be up to you.

* If you're curious about the type of songs I write, all of my original songs eventually make it here:

About the format: This is basically one of my "One-Take Tutorial" videos, with the addition of a live, interactive audience. One-Take Tutorials are a series I film in real time and (barring unforeseen emergency) post unedited. I'll include timestamps on the YT video afterward, so you can visit or revisit and skip around to the parts that interest you most.

Also -- When I create a handout to go along with this workshop, I will attach it to this public Patreon post as a PDF and update this text. I have not created one yet, but I have one in mind. 

Feel free to comment on the Patreon post or on the YT video linked above with questions and suggestions for songs/topics you'd like to see me discuss or teach next, or with comments on what you hope I'll cover in this workshop.   


What's Next? More Songwriting: After the workshop, if you'd like to continue to write and share together, I am adding a new perk for my ukulele Patrons (at the $10+ monthly tiers). Along with all the other existing benefits and rewards, I will be sharing a post each month with a songwriting prompt, exercise, resource, or related practical content on the process of songwriting. If there is enough interest I'm also open to hosting Patron songwriter circles for those who are working on original material and would a like safe space to share. 

** And, as always, anyone can join my 4 free, public monthly Zoom and YT playalongs. Find the info in public posts on Patreon, or on my website: 

If you're reading this in November 2022, the dates and times are in this post: 

Thanks for considering joining me! I hope to you'll check out the workshop, live or in replay! -- Jenny