New YouTube Series: One-Take Tutorials

This week I recorded and made available my third One-Take Tutorial. I'm thinking of these as casual, lo-fi tutorial videos. No editing, no fancy graphics -- just me and a song or a topic I think might not have already been covered on YouTube 40,000 times. I aim to make them shorter than my hour-long Livestream Clinics whenever possible, and this one runs about 30 minutes.

In it, I share tips and tricks for playing barre chords on ukulele. Thank you to my Patrons -- your support makes videos like this possible (plus you helped choose the topic!). Previous topics have included a discussion of how to think about DGBE baritone tuning when you're used to GCEA, as well as approaches to the dreaded E chord!

Watch the latest episode here.  Check out the Description box for timestamps and links to resources I mention in the tutorial.

I'm always happy to hear more ideas for other public One-Take Tutorials I might make in the future. I'm excited to see how (if) this might evolve. Another topic that Patrons gave the "okay" to in past months was how to approach intuitive strumming, so that video will be coming up, and I also think I'll make one on using a capo with your ukulele (perhaps as part of a series on adjusting the key to fit your playing and your voice).

One-Take Tutorials playlist on YouTube.

You can also find them all listed on my Song Index, under the tab labeled "Tutorials."