The NewUkeNewYork Song Index - a reference for all!

Hello, friends! First teased to Patrons way back in my March Patron Newsletter post, I've got a new project up and running -- The NewUkeNewYork Song Index

Some of you may know that, as part of my work as one of Cynthia Lin's Community Managers, I have helped create and maintain a spreadsheet to track all her lessons and covers on Patreon and YouTube. When I hit 20 Patrons, I started working on creating a similar spreadsheet of all the songs I've played/taught/covered on YT so far (I'm almost at 1000!), as well as songs I've taught in Patron lessons and my public jams, so that folks can find specific titles more easily. My current project is to add links to song sheets (when available) and tutorials (when they exist). 

I also added a tab where I can track requests and share songs I would like to work on in the future (that list is already quite long). 

The tabs of this spreadsheet currently are:

  • Songs on Youtube -- covers and originals (accessible to all)
  • Songs I've taught/led in public livestreams on YT -- like my monthly beginner playalongs (accessible to all)
  • Songs I've taught/led in jams with Patron-only replays -- like my monthly mixed-level playalongs ($10+ Patrons)
  • Songs I've taught in hour-long livestream clinics ($20+ Patrons, with one "sample" lesson for all)
  • Requested songs and songs I'd like to cover (accessible to all)

You can search tabs individually or search across all tabs at once. I plan to add a tab for my "One-Take Tutorials," as well.

You can also find a link to my Public Playlists page on the first tab.

I'm so grateful to have Patron support so that I can take on projects like this resource, which hopefully will be useful to folks looking to learn new songs on uke. You can support me on Patreon for one month or more.

Find my index, which I will continue updating and improving, here: