#100DaysUke2022 Begins on Saturday, Feb. 13!

Some of you may know I help Cynthia Lin administer her ukulele communities, including the 100 Days of Ukulele project that is an offshoot of the larger, global 100 Day Project. The 2022 challenge starts on February 13th -- this coming Saturday -- and you can click here for a detailed FAQ I helped write. 

When Cynthia first started her own 100 Day Project, and when she first extended the invitation to join her, the focus was on arranging and playing fully polished songs at a rate of 1 per day, and that's what I attempted the first few years, but it's really tough! Even Cynthia, who turned out many beautiful, professional videos, didn't do one per day for 100 days. Now I try to create a more sustainable project for myself so I don't burn out and we've encouraged everyone joining in to adapt the concept to make it work for them.

Last year, I split the days up into ten 10-day periods of focus on different skills, such as fingerpicking, clawhammer, jazz substitution chords, and creating my first YouTube Playalong video. I often shared videos that were under a minute long, just to show a window into my practice sessions. I didn't worry about playing 100 songs in 100 days. It really re-energized me as a participant.

Another thing that happened over the past few years is that I began to find myself more interested in writing my own songs, and I began to try to find myself with a new draft every 25 days or so. This year, I'm going to lean into my songwriting as a creative outlet, and I'm going to focus more on that output. Every 10 days I will do a songwriting checkin, and I hope to end the 100 Day Project with 10 new songs.

You can find my originals on YouTube, if you're interested.

Where can you follow along with my 100 Day Project in 2022, if you like? I will share some updates here on Patreon, but my daily posts will go in the Facebook Group and on my Instagram account. You can also see highlights on YouTube

Here are links to my YT playlists related to 100 Days:

Have you ever participated in a 100 Day project (ukulele or otherwise)? Do you plan to this year? Please let me know if you have any questions!