Come Explore Percussive Strums with Me!

For 100 Days of Ukulele 2021 I broke my time up into ten 10-day "units" of practicing specific skills. Today I got a message requesting I share my videos on Percussive Strumming, one of my 10-day units. I thought it would be good to collect these links here on my site as well.

I didn't really make these as tutorials, but between the videos and the descriptions you'll probably be able to pick up some percussive strums to try. Click through to view them on Instagram in order to read more (in the video description) about how the strums work, as well as to find out who taught me these strums so that you can navigate to their instructional videos.

Let me know if you find these useful!

Day 61 - Percussive Strum for a Beginner
Thump-Up-Chuck-Up with Pink's "Perfect"

Day 62 - Percussive Strum #2
Thump-Down-Chuck-Up with "Bad Moon Rising"

Day 63: Percussive Strum #3 

THUMP-downup-SLAP-downup with Grace VanderWaal's "I Don't Know My Name"

Day 64: Percussive Strum #4

THUMP-downup-chuck-up with my original song "Can't Prove It"

Day 65: Percussive Strums #5a and b
a) a muted THUMP up CHUCK up pattern 
b) a THUMP-up-CHUCK-up in which the ups are NOT muted
with U2's "With or Without You:

Day 66: Percussive Strum #6 and 5b again 
5b) a THUMP-up-CHUCK-up in which the ups are NOT muted
MUTE-pump-CHUCK-pump with "Dance Monkey" by Tones and I

Day 69: Percussive Strums 5c, 5d, 5e, and 7
THUMP(or BOUNCE)-up-chuck-pump-THUMP-up-chuck-up
THUMP(or BOUNCE)-pump-chuck-pump-THUMP-pump-chuck-pump
“Beat 2” with “finger clack. This goes ”THUMP-updownup-CLACK-updownup, and the chord unmuting goes on the downs. 

Day 70: Percussive Strum 8 

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