How to Support Me on Patreon

I'm so grateful to the folks who have been supporting my free content -- videos, Zoom play-along jams, chord charts, songbooks, and more. If you'd like a streamlined way to support me on a monthly subscription basis (change levels or cancel at any time), join me over on the Patreon website!

My monthly Tuesday Zoom Play-Along jams continue to be free, as are all of the YT videos I've posted, and the chords and arrangements to songs I've shared here on this site. If you'd like to support me on Patreon in order to encourage me to keep that free content coming, I appreciate it! If you're looking for added value from your Patronage, depending on the level you choose, I'll be:
  • Inviting Patrons to vote on songs when I'm deciding what to add to my monthly songbook
  • Offering a new, Patron-only "clinic" on Zoom every other month, where we focus in on specific songs and techniques
  • Opening up more timeslots for private, monthly lessons
This is a work in progress. I'm not new to Patreon as a Patron of other Creators, but I am new to it as a Creator myself, and will allow things to shift and change as I explore how to use the website to reach more players. An idea for expansion, which would be enabled by your support, is to take the time to create a digital index of the 800+ songs I've already posted on YouTube.

Your participation is welcome!