April 2021 GMT and EST Zoom Playalongs - Two Chances at Two Different Times

 Let's Jam! 

Well, hi there, April! This month I will continue offering two different public Zoom play-along jams to accommodate folks in a wider variety of time zones! 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Join me on Zoom from 6-7 pm EST (East Coast, USA)
Download the Songbook with 5 new songs! 

Our UK-timezone friendly jam will be held on:

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 
6-7 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, London)
which is now 2pm EST. Check your time if you live somewhere affected by Daylight Saving Time!
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Download the Songbook with 5 new songs this month! 


General Jam Notes: All levels are welcome. When we jam online with Zoom you'll be able to hear me leading the songs, but no one will hear you but you -- which means there's no critical ear judging you (not that I find ukulele jam groups to be particularly critical in person) other than your own. You should feel free to play around with strumming, picking, harmonizing, and more!

I hope you'll join me and play along!